Hotel Information

In 2008, it was asked by the world of Imathia and not only, to give a name in what we had in our brain. ” VERIOPOLIS” is the name and it comes it continues his course, shaping new data in the hotel infrastructure of Veria. Four stars,  in extent of 30 acres with services that are addressed in exigent customers it comes it signals the beginning of new season, in a region of separate tourist interest.

A region developed in their foot of Bermio, that causes the visitors from the all world, while his mythology seated familiar in entire the planet. Marvellous place of interruptions and recreation, the all seasons of year, constitutes ideal base for campaigns not only in Seli, but also in the wider region, in localities with natural beauty, in traditional villages, in historical and archaeological spaces. It can receive visitors of each season, offering to them, with his suitable infrastructure, the all essential services, in order to they are glad their interruptions.

The infrastructures that rendered until now almost prohibitory the configuration of healthy relation between  world traveller and the particular region are upgraded. The householders of VERIOPOLIS, the family Moysidi, that “set up” the group signalling a new season for Veria, decided they turn page in until now history and they create a ultramodern hotel unit that will upgrade the tourist data of region.